In Response to “Do I feel #BlackLifeMatter supporters should be protesting abortion clinics?”

I personally have never had an abortion (never been pregnant) or killed anyone (w/anything other than words), but I’ve been vocal about being both pro-life and pro-choice. I say both, because I believe life happens at conception, but I also recognize that we all must answer to God for the choices we make.


While I don’t condone abortions, I am not placed here to condemn those who do. I know people who’ve had them, stating from the most medical of necessities to the most selfish of reasons, but I’ve never protested at a clinic, because that isn’t the calling I’ve received from God. My calling is to educate and empower others to improve their lives, their families, communities and nation.


Do I feel that addressing the abortions of black children is important? Yes, there is a place for it somewhere in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. At this point in time, we’ve got to focus on keeping alive and improving the lives of those who are here RIGHT NOW. Then we can turn our focus to helping to birth the ones that are on their way. It is my belief that if you are protesting an abortion clinic in favor or lives, you’re supporting Black lives, because for All Lives to Matter, Black Lives must Matter too.

(Side note: #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just about reminding non-Blacks that we matter. It’s also about reminding ourselves.)

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